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Website Redesign for A-Mates

  • Webdesign with 2D Illustrations
  • Friendly and Informal Visual Communication
  • 2.2x Conversion Growth

Intelligence will help you build a company; wisdom will help you build an empire. By wisdom, we mean using A-Mates. It’s an app community SDK that provides a ready-to-use solution for mobile applications. We designed a modern website for them.

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Using A-Mates, a comment panel appears in the app, where users can communicate, share their opinions, etc. Your developers don’t need to spend hours fine-tuning the app to allow users to communicate and leave comments.

  • amates

The Task

A-Mates wanted a modern website that will clearly communicate the meaning and value of their product. To meet this challenge, our team developed a modern website with a unique style, eye-pleasing colors, easy-to-navigate architecture and a set of emotionally appealing illustrations.

  • amates

Website Design Process

The Solution

The creative idea was to make the site recognizable and with its own style — we made the emphasis on the illustrations. They are done in hand-drawn style, that made the site look more ‘human’.

  • amates

The client wanted the communication to be friendly and informal. We achieved this by the seleting a bright color palette: prevalent colors are bright and soft at the same time. Light animation of the icons added additional highlights to the webdesign.


  • Unique Website Design with 2D Illustration and Animation
  • Eye-Pleasing Color Palette
  • 2.2x Increase in Conversion Rate