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Videos and AR Mask for Volkswagen and EURO 2020

  • EURO 2020 Promo Campaign
  • 2 Videos for Branded Media
  • Branded Instagram Mask

As a company that manages branded media presence of Volkswagen in Belarus, SLON Media created videos for their UEFA EURO 2020 partnership promo campaign.

  • Live-action footage for the promo campaign announcement
  • Video made out of stock content

The Task

SLON Media suggested Volkswagen create content for the loud announcement on social media of their partnership with EURO 2020.

AR Instagram mask


Our team developed three content items for this project:

  1. The development department made a colorful AR Instagram mask that creates a vision of face paint with flags of different national football teams.
  2. We filmed a live action video with a professional football player at the stadium.
  3. The production team made a short promo video of stock material and footage by Volkswagen.



  • Volkswagen Belarus & EURO 2020 promo campaign launch
  • 2 videos filmed produced in several days
  • Branded Instagram Mask developed by our team