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Interactive AR Book Development for Stardust AR

  • AR Mobile App Development
  • 3D Characters and Environment Modeing
  • Book Design and Illustration

Leila Ismailava is an entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. She launched a startup called Stardust AR and asked SLON Media to help with the development of an interactive AR fairy tale book The Dreams of Ariadna.

Video presentation

The Task

To create an interactive book with illustrations describing the hero’s story and to develop an augmented reality mobile app based around the book.

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Watercolor illustrations


The Dreams of Ariadna is a fairy-tale for children that helps them to learn and improve cognitive skills through having an interactive experience. The augmented reality technology combined with a narrative story allows kids to become a part of a fairy-tale world.

Leila Ismailava invented the story of a girl named Ariadna and the SLON Media Team helped her to design the book and to develop an app.

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Character illustration sketches

A team of 4 worked on the project. We started with the visual concept and graphic arts and prepared the book design and all the illustrations for the story. Leila and our illustration artist worked on sketches and with the 3D art department, where they are embodied in a three-dimensional model.

  • The book cover
  • The mobile app

In the next step, the 3D assets are given movement by the motion designer. The final stage is editing and bonding motion models with an app and special marks in the book using an AR tool. After several months of work, the app was uploaded to the App Store.

Stardust AR development process backstage


  • The book and app were successfully launched and drew a lot of attention because of the interactive AR features
  • The advanced technologies and tool were used for creating 3D models and environments and bonding them to augmented reality